Hello world

Hello world


I'll post pictures and random stuff here. I have no plan or purpose yet.


Diary-ishPosted by Jøstein 13 Aug, 2009 18:28:53
I tried coconut milk in a soup thingie today. It was white and gooey, not blank like I had expected.

I couldn't taste the difference. Probably because I was too hungry to wait for it to cool off, and now I'm all burnt on my tongue and shit. Will probably taste better in the morning.

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Posted by Jøstein 15 Aug, 2009 21:04:36

Yes, I can cook, believe it or not. And YES it tasted a lot better today. Wasn't so burning hot (temperature-wise). It still needs more salt and hot stuff tho.

Posted by Sassy Jellybean 14 Aug, 2009 06:50:33

Nom Nom Nom

I'm going to keep in my mind that you can cook. This is valuable information for me to use in the future. ;)