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Hello world


I'll post pictures and random stuff here. I have no plan or purpose yet.

Windows Phone FTW

Tech and stuffPosted by Jøstein 23 Nov, 2012 15:11:41
I see that I liked Android a few years ago. I still hate Android a bit less than I hate iOS. But Windows Phone is the only mobile OS that stands out. I just love the integration with facebook, the email and contact sync via outlook/exchange, the picture gallery that automatically grabs my photo albums from facebook, the possibilities. Has to be experienced; it's life changing.

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Sony Cybershot FTW!

Tech and stuffPosted by Jøstein 14 May, 2010 10:50:09
I'm very content at the moment. Not hyper, not down and out; very content.

I find out that the SE C702 is all I need in a cellphone-ish device.

Camera is good. IP54 is good; I don't have to be too careful with it.

And I get good self-portraits with it.

Don't you agree? Of course you do. Sony Cybershot! All hail!

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Fixed within five business days

Tech and stuffPosted by Jøstein 24 Sep, 2009 14:47:00

Buying good quality products pays off in the long run. :)

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Tech and stuffPosted by Jøstein 29 Aug, 2009 05:39:57
Ok, I might have hopped on this train a little late, but I'm on ...


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Tech and stuffPosted by Jøstein 25 Aug, 2009 22:46:14
I bought a FSC desktop computer a year ago or so. It worked for a while.

After two Vista f*ckups the recovery dvd's quit working so I installed Ubuntu. :) So far so good. It worked for a month or so. No problem.

Now UBUNTU is f*cked up! How is that possible?? I'm quite sure I formatted my C: drive, but still I'm getting TWO Windows friggin Vista options when I try to start my computer... this computer is cursed. I'll give it one more try with Ubuntu, then out the window it goes.

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Technology isn't for everyone

Tech and stuffPosted by Jøstein 12 Aug, 2009 10:46:35

Follow on-screen instructions when installing windows on your computer. If you don't understand the instructions, return the computer to the shop and get your money back. You're not supposed to own a computer. Sorry.

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Nokia, get a move on

Tech and stuffPosted by Jøstein 07 Aug, 2009 22:26:13
If you guys can't make a decent phone with decent keys, just skip the keys altogether.

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