Hello world

Hello world


I'll post pictures and random stuff here. I have no plan or purpose yet.

New Pix On FlickR

PicturesPosted by Jøstein 16 May, 2010 17:24:15
Taken today. Around these parts the spring comes late.

Teaser here:

The rest is on FLICKR as usual.

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A walk in the park

PicturesPosted by Jøstein 13 May, 2010 22:18:36
I had a nice walk in the woods. Weather is fine and my mood is fine too.

Pictures are on FlickR

A teaser right here:

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One To Behold

PicturesPosted by Jøstein 10 May, 2010 22:12:30

This is what I call Divine Intervention. Nothing more, nothing less. Alfa and Omega, 0 and 8, the beginning and the end, from now on and into eternity.

Do I really have to inform anyone about the fact that I put all pictures on FlickR?

JoesteinW at Flickr. http://flickr.com/joesteinw

It's so friggin easy to remmy that I expect at least 0.5% of the population on this planet are able to memorize that much.

Have a good one; I'll have a nap now.

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O' Butterfly O' Butterfly

PicturesPosted by Jøstein 10 May, 2010 21:11:41
I had just enough time to get my camera and take a few pictures of this fellow. Once I was done taking pictures, it took off. Wihiiiii xD

I'll keep putting the pictures out on FlickR

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PicturesPosted by Jøstein 08 May, 2010 06:20:50
It's the 8th of May in the divine year called 2010. It's 06:16 GMT+1 Summer time.

Now we start the Countdown.

The FINAL Countdown.

Don't bother to ask how long it's gonna take to get to liftoff. I don't know the exact numbers yet. Numbers doesn't matter too much anyway; as far as we get to the finish line in the end.

I put out some self-portraits on FlickR just now.

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May is here

PicturesPosted by Jøstein 01 May, 2010 01:34:43

I'll post this one picture here, the rest is at Flickr - Yes, the link is HERE

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Arts and Crafts

PicturesPosted by Jøstein 11 Apr, 2010 22:42:08
This stuff is fun to make. I suppose there's a limit to how many keychains a person needs though.

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April 2010

PicturesPosted by Jøstein 11 Apr, 2010 10:24:04
And backwards. Some selected pictures.

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2010 FTW :)

PicturesPosted by Jøstein 03 Feb, 2010 20:28:35

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I love this dog

PicturesPosted by Jøstein 10 Dec, 2009 20:39:05

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Me, babysitting?

PicturesPosted by Jøstein 03 Dec, 2009 21:45:43

I could get used to this.

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It helps to have a designated cameraman

PicturesPosted by Jøstein 01 Dec, 2009 22:37:49

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PicturesPosted by Jøstein 13 Nov, 2009 22:08:40

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YAY! ^^

PicturesPosted by Jøstein 12 Nov, 2009 18:56:07

New cam. And it's a good one. Canon EOS 50D. My first SLR. I can't wait for the sun to return so I can shoot some scenery.

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PicturesPosted by Jøstein 01 Nov, 2009 10:26:08
I should start again soon. I feel a twitch in my right hand, and an itch somewhere else. A break was healthy, but it's time.

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o la la

PicturesPosted by Jøstein 01 Nov, 2009 09:53:13

Found this on my old memory stick. It's not really that old. But it seems like an age ago.

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Random stuff

PicturesPosted by Jøstein 05 Aug, 2009 16:49:37

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